Up Shot Creek


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Up Shot Creek.

New to the range of Modern Practical Jokes by O’Grady Creations is Up Shot Creek!

A paddle gimmick like no other, Up Shot Creek is not only designed from the ground up, but allows you to do your favourite paddle routines and save a surprising kicker as an ending or punch line!

Up Shot Creek is fully customisable with supplied ideas, or get creative and tailor the gimmick to suit your style.

Up Shot Creek will NOT leave you without a paddle.

“If you want to scare the Shoot out of your friends get this! Have a Mop ready! Maybe a shovel!” Michael J Fitch – Magician

“First time I saw this I jumped out of my skin, so funny and so memorable, exactly what you want as a performer” Steve Rowe – Magician

“I’m pretty sure this is the only paddle that will have them screaming” Alan Rorrison – Creator and Magician

Available February 2018



Up Shot Creek is sold as a novelty. Picking someone who you think would enjoy this makes sense.

We hold no responsibility for any damages or injuries caused by the use of this item. Your using it in the future means you understand and agree.

So that you can use it safely we recommend you use it on yourself several times so you get the feel for how it works.

We will do our best to answer any questions about the proper use of this, So Feel free to get in touch.


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