The Divers Lung Tester
The Prank of The powder pipe Divers Lung TesterThe Divers Lung Tester

The Divers Lung Tester #669


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The Classic Divers Lung Tester® Prank is here!

This Divers Lung Tester® stands approx 14cm High and about 25cm long, made from a small brass pot with screw-on lid for easy filling, welded on top is a really old looking deep sea divers helmet, the trademark for Our Divers Lung Tester®

Please Note

This Diver’s Lung Tester® has been handcrafted using only the best materials and has been rigorously tested to ensure it is in full working order. Please do not confuse these with any others you may have seen, they are of the highest quality and use no glue or Rubber bungs for filling. With over 650 made to date, we assure you they will last a life time!

This item will come supplied with ‘The Secret’ set of instructions on how it works, along with some cleaning aparatus. We do not send these out with any powder already in them as we don’t want any to escape during transit, so please ask if you have any trouble on filling it up, you will also gain access to our Member’s Area where you will find instructional videos on performance and maintanence of the pipe.

We highly recommend great care when using this practical joke on people, and use it at your own risk, the safest powder is pure cornstarch, one that does NOT contain “talc” so please check the ingredients on the bottle.


This Diver’s Lung Tester® is sold as a novelty. Picking someone who you think would enjoy this makes sense. We hold no responsibility for any damages or injuries caused by the use of this item, and your using it in the future means you understand and agree. So that you can use it safely, we recommend you use it on yourself several times so you can know how to get others to use it safely

We have noticed that occasionally people with contact lenses get some powder in their eyes, which can bother them for a time, so you might consider that in deciding whether to let them use it. The best powder to use is pure cornstarch or extra dry baby powder that does NOT contain “talc”. We will do our best to answer any questions about the proper use of your Divers Lung Tester®. Feel free to get in touch.


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